Another year behind, more life ahead


So the year 2016 is coming to an end. Media describes it as a black year, claiming Carrie Fischer as its latest celebrity victim. Personally, 2016 has treated me well. Especially in comparison to 2015 that in many ways was the hardest year I’ve had to endure in my at the time 30 years. 2016 has mainly been smooth sailing. I counted 50 some nights spent abroad, which is less than the year before but still entails many an unforgettable experience. Among others a romantic week in Paris, an enlightening prolonged weekend in a small danish village, an entrepreneurial trip to Spain, an educational stay in Albania, a quick visit to our neighbor Sweden, an eye-opening and euphoric congressional week in Canada and a tasty stay the Ukraine. Happy times.

I’m kick-starting 2017 with a modest trip to Bali, Indonesia so stay tuned for my comments on Qatar Airlines and Bali in January. I’m also looking forward to experiencing Switzerland, Mongolia and the Dominican Republic next year and revisiting Germany and the Netherlands. In my younger days I lived a while in the Netherlands, so going back always gives me a homy feeling. I’m a bit nervous about Mongolia, especially the layover in Moscow, but life is all about new experiences and conquering your fears, right?

I wish you all the best for 2017, may it bring you a lot of new memories to reminisce about when you’re sitting in the rocking chair at the old people’s home. In a mere two weeks I’ll be watching this view, recharging my batteries with a probably mediocre book praised by critics. I hope that you too have the time to unwind some before taking 2017 by storm.




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